3D Artist portfolio

My name is Gil Guminski.

I am a junior Environmental Artist with many skills in different areas. I recently was the team manager and the level designer of my final studies work. But I also like to make and implement some new functions in my CGFX shader or to manipulate the material editor in the Unreal Engine. I like in particular to do some tricks in the engine and I am always looking for learning some new stuff in different ways. I still have a so much to learn and thatís why I am very motivated.

I was graduated with honors from Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (HEAJ) receiving a Bachelor of Graphics Design in video games and I am looking for a professional opportunity which will allow me to be involved in this exciting area of the video game industry.

This final year I have been working for the final studies work which consists in making a futurist racing game demo for Sony PSP with two classmates on Fresh Engine. I also made an internship in Load Inc Studio (Paris) and I received positive feedbacks from school (HEAJ, Namur Belgium) and Load Inc.

The website will allow you to have a look on my public works and will help you to find some useful stuff.

I am currently free for any vacancies abroad as an Environmental Artist in the video games industry. Please Contact me here.